• Introducing our high-quality glue designed specifically for cluster or strip false eyelashes. This latex-free and formaldehyde-free adhesive is perfect for those with sensitive skin as it is hypoallergenic.
  • Its waterproof, tearproof, and sweatproof formula ensures that your false eyelashes stay in place throughout the day. With a remarkable staying power of up to 7 days, this glue is ideal for long-lasting wear.
  • Additionally, its shelf life ranges from 1 to 3 months, depending on usage and proper storage.
  • To enhance retention and reduce any tackiness, our sealant sold separately, providing you with an extension of longevity wear.

Ingredients: Acrylate copolymer, Aqua

Disclaimer: Even though it is hypoallergenic, it relatively will not cause reaction to most allergies. It is not guaranteed to prevent irritation for every single allergy. Please perform a small patch test on yourself, wait 24-48 hours to see if skin irritates before applying to eyelid. Every person's body chemistry is different and we are not held responsible for any allergic reactions.


Clusters Directions:

1. Clean lashes and make sure they are free of product and oil 
2. Work in sections 
3. Apply 2-3 layers of Wisp Takers Glue to natural lashes from root to tip and wait until tacky (about 10 seconds) 
4. Apply false lash to natural lash only and not the waterline 
5. Repeat until desired look is achieved 
6. Pull down lashes and apply 1-2 layers of Wisp Takers Sealant on top of lashes where false/natural lashes connect  
7. Wait about 30 seconds-1min for sealant to dry down 
8. Apply sealant to tweezers and clamp false and natural lashes together with tweezers tightly

9. Wait 1hr+ pull test and 24-48hrs for water test for best results

Strip Lashes Directions:

  1. 1. Clean lashes and make sure they are free of product and oil
  2. Apply 2-3 layers of Wisp Takers Glue to eyelid and wait until tacky (about 10 seconds)
  3. Apply strip lash to the middle of eyelid close to lash line as safely possible 
  4. Repeat for both ends of strip
  5. Apply sealant to eyelid
  6. Clamp false and natural lashes with tweezers
  7. Wait 24-48 hours before getting wet for best results

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    Wisp Takers Glue

    Wisp Takers Glue
    Wisp Takers Glue

    Wisp Takers Glue

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1890 reviews
    Nikki Franki
    Keep this a SECRET

    Best lash glue out there seriously. I’ve been searching for years and this is the only one that goes on and stays on, yet doesn’t rip my real lashes out when i take my lashes off at night. Highly recommend.

    Sandra Sen
    Love this glue

    I love this glue!! This is my 3rd or 4th purchase. Does last while. Only thing i hate is it drying up even when I’m closing everything properly. But overall, my favorite glue!!

    Deasia Vereen
    Best glue ever

    It works wonders my clusters last for weeks

    Quanah Walker
    It’s ok

    I’ve brought this glue many of times and it don’t last I’m putting the glue on right I guess it just not for me

    Unnur Elsa

    The lash glue is to dye for.
    I like to do my own lashes so for it to last this long is just amazing.🥰 will deff buy it again.

    Vu récemment