Mini/Wisp Takers Tips

These tips can extend the stay of your lashes and give a flawless finish that will have them looking like they are growing out your eyes!

  • Apply lash without glue from inner corner to outer corner
  • Measure that fits to your eye
  • Cut using eyebrow scissors on the end of lash
  • Use clear eye lash glue (My fav is the brand "Duo" in the blue pack)
  • Apply by squeezing just a little on your backhand and use the tip of the duo as the applicator (you avoid squeezing out too much and messing up the lashes)
  • Apply one layer of glue to the strip lash band
  • Wait 2-5 second
  • Apply lash as close to your eye lash line as you can to your desire
  • Hold for about 5 seconds

And you're done!

After the day is over, pull off lash carefully from outer lid to inner; do the same to both eyes. Put back lashes in container to avoid losing or damaging them. Wipe your eyes with coconut oil and cotton pad to take off glue. Follow your usual face wash routine. 

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